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More and more Europeans have had enough of stress, hectic schedules, cold winters and pessimistic future prospects. The desire to live in a country where the sun shines more often, where the sea invites you to swim, where joie de vivre is payable and where money is still worth something, is becoming ever greater for many of us.

A popular and very suitable country for this is Thailand. "The land of smiles" offers everything a European dreams of, be it for vacation stays or for partial or full emigration. Thailand can be reached comfortably from Europe by plane in 10-12 hours and those who book a night flight will sleep carefree for most of this time.

Those who want to spend all or part of their retirement in Thailand will especially appreciate the low cost of living, the low cost of personnel and of course the climate. Thailand is a culinary paradise with friendly people and great climatic conditions. Delicious fruits, daily massages and many exotic delicacies make this country especially worth living for culture-loving, active and young at heart retirees.


Thailand is an insider tip among globetrotters, because here the charm of a certain backwardness and a lived old culture is perceptible, and this with a goods and service offer which is hardly inferior to the European one. Spending the evening in tropical nature is a real trend.

The vacation homes in Ticino, Tuscany, Majorca or on the Spanish coasts are in many cases a "discontinued model". High prices, people frustrated by unemployment, price collapse on overpriced real estate, changed climatic conditions or simply boredom among one's peers turn the former dream places into sleeping cities.

Thailand is different. Here, people are carefree, even when the country is in a state of great upheaval, as it is now. The Thai is cheerful, even if he only earns just under Euro 400 a month. He is in a good mood when he only has a few bowls of rice and fruits from his garden to live on. As a Buddhist, he has to be decent, live with a certain humility and honor old age.

An ideal environment, because in Thailand age is respected and boredom certainly does not arise in the Pattaya area. Here you can choose between rest and action according to your mood.


The Pepperwood Resorts project is operated by an experienced European management. The land ownership in Thailand and the management of the private resorts is done by a Thai Co. Ltd. The management is in Swiss hands.

The initiator of the project is the entrepreneur and artist Pepperwood ( In 1999 he moved his second home from Tuscany/Italy to Thailand to spend an exciting and active time together with his friends. From the year 2010 he accompanies the project Pepperwood Garden, from 2012 Pepperwood Palms, from 2015 Pepperwood Orchid and new Pepperwood Village Resort. His vision has become reality. Through his many stays in Thailand, he has the necessary know-how and the network of contacts to realize a project of this kind. As a consultant still active in Switzerland (, he enjoys the trust of his friends and clients.

"The Pepperwood Private Resorts project is as exciting as shared housing was when I was a student, except that in this project everyone has their own house and thus more privacy," says the initiator.

"We don't want to be a retirement home or a usual resort, because a good age mix is important, and with us the houses are not built in rows with no distance from the neighbor, with us you don't live in living bunks with a few square meters of green space. The houses I design are also very different from the usual market offerings."

"In Thailand there are plenty of houses and apartments that are very cheap but conceptually and constructionally poor and often aesthetically inadequate. Modern buildings that are mainly built by Europeans in better construction quality fit into the urban centers, with us an architecture adapted to the country and the culture is much nicer, so I build houses with an Asian touch, and in the best possible Swiss quality. And because in Thailand you're practically always outside, my houses have a big sala and an outdoor kitchen with a bar, so you can have happy parties."

The first private resort, Pepperwood Garden, was realized on more than 30'000 m2 and the second resort, Pepperwood Palms, on about 10'000 m2. The completion of the third resort, Pepperwood Orchid on approx. 9'000 m2 has also already taken place and all houses are ready for occupancy. The fourth resort Pepperwood Village is under construction on approx. 6'400 m2.

Newly built houses are built on behalf of and for the account of the customer (construction contractor) at a lump sum construction price. The construction management is carried out by the representative of the client, who is also the client's trustee and coordinates the work.





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